Post Production Portfolio
It's the end of the world! New documentary series for Vision TV, episodes 1-3 meticulously handled by Mr. J.
We could have shown you a demo reel, but chose this instead.
We edited and provided visual FX for this great short film. Click below to read how much writer/director Zac Rothman enjoyed working with us and why.
A small town is caught in the crossfire of a battle between two business titans in this one-hour documentary originally broadcast on Global Currents.
Great editing is essential to properly convey emotion, which is very apparent in this moving corporate video.
Our Post crew really enjoyed taking a stab at an Old West showdown, adding some color correction and converting the footage to 2.66:1 aspect ratio to help sell the spaghetti western feel.
This video really shows how great sound design can improve your picture edits tenfold.
Imagine "Jackass" in Asia, and you've pretty much figured out what this show is about.
Jason Hujber has edited a total of twenty-six episodes of the popular Partners in Motion crime documentary series.